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2008 CATT reunion

The 2008 CATT reunion will be taking place on October 18 starting at 2pm at the home of Brian and Heather Jones.

We will be getting barbecue; if you want bbq, please contact me and let me know so we order enough.

The event is BYO* - if you want it, bring it. Drinking is okay as long as you have a designated driver to get you home.

Email me (jill dot parisher at gmail dot com) for address and directions.

Please, feel free to distribute this to CATT alums.

Time for a CATT reunion

I hit the limit last week - the third person in three months inquired about a CATT reunion. It's been five years since we had one (at least) so let's do this thing.

hap and cbj have graciously offered their house and yard. (yay!) It will likely be BYO* - I will pass on the host and hostess' rules on what you can and can't bring with you when we put out the official announcement. Spouse, significant others, non-significant others, hangers-on and kids welcome.

October 18 looks like a good date, start planning now.

Interested in this or any future events? Email me - jill dot parisher at gmail dot com.

Ask the CATT people you know to email me - I will never ask for you to give me someone else's email - and let's start spreading the word that I'm compiling a list of emails for the CATT alums again.
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We didn't make it to the reunion this year due to other plans the same weekend (plus recovery from sunburn (of all things) from being at the NC State Fair the day before).

I do hope that everyone is doing well.
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hey! sorry I'm not there... (I'll be in the area 11/24 - 12/2 if anyone wants to catch up) but at least my phone number is more memorable than 888-411-1111. hello, infone!

Another Reunion in the Books

It was good to see everyone who showed up for the reunion this year. I wish I had more time to chat with some of the folks who were there a little longer. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it possible again this year!
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Our reservation at Cedar Hills cost cheshire money, so I'd appreciate it if everyone who is planning on attending would donate a couple of bucks to the 'pay Cheshire back' fund. I'm available via paypal (jill at vapidthumbtack dot com), and I'll be happy to pass it on if you want to do it that way. Otherwise, please bring it to the picnic itself. Danke!
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Cedar Hills park has been reserved from 3:00 to 6:00 on October 19th, due to changes in the way the City of Raleigh handles park reservations. Since it is unlikely somebody will want to reserve it from 6:00 to 9:00, we will probably be able to stay longer.

The guidelines are pretty much the same: no booze, no firearms, no pouring grease on the ground. Some other stuff too, basically what falls under Raleigh Municipal Code regarding Parks and Greenways. Nothing too demanding. Directions have been posted earlier in this journal.

See you there.